New year, new career: Why you should consider a career in care in 2023

It’s that time of the year when millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to spark positive change.. If one of your new years’ resolutions is to find a career that is fulfilling and rewarding, a career in care is something you should definitely consider. 

A care worker looks after people who require specialised care in their own homes or in a care home. A care worker provides physical, mental, and sometimes emotional support to people in care, and at Crouched Friars we believe it really is one of the most rewarding careers imaginable. 

Our care team

Here is why you should consider a career in care:

  • Flexibility – Have control over your working hours

If you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of a regular 9-5 job, a career in care could be for you because of the flexibility it offers. You can choose your own hours when you work in care. A lot of people manage their work hours around their home lives, education or children.

At Crouched Friars we  have flexible shift patterns that offer you the chance to find a routine that suits you and your lifestyle. 

  •  Training and development – Customisable training programmes and transferable skills

When you start your career as a care worker, you undergo formal training and gain qualifications that will really help your role as a care worker. But aside from formal training, the soft skills that you gain such as sensitivity, reliability, and communication skills are equally as important.

Care workers in training

You also pick up a lot of valuable skills such as team work, time management, adaptability, and many more. These skills are easily transferable to all aspects of life. 

  • Variation at work – Every day brings something new in care work

No two days are the same working as a care worker. A new day can bring with it new challenges but also new opportunities to apply yourself and all the skills you have learnt.

Care workers enjoying their job

At Crouched Friars we can assure you that you’ll never be bored! If you don’t like being sat at a desk all day and love some momentum, a care worker job is perfect for you!

  •  Strong connections – Make bonds that last a lifetime

When you work in care, you are fully involved in the life of the person in care. You are by their side through their daily activities, ups and downs, in sickness and in health. You are not only their caregiver but also their friend and confidant.

Care worker helping a resident

As a care worker, you also become close to your team, as a result of the many hours you spend together and all the hurdles you face together. The bonds that you create while working in care are for life.

  •  Job Security – Feel a sense of stability

In today’s economy, job security is a priority for everyone. Being a care worker, you develop a broad skill-set which you can apply to a variety of care jobs. Care work is a very in-demand job and the care industry is always in need of new care workers. This ensures that your skills will always be indispensable.

  •  Satisfaction – Make a real difference through care work

Care work is more than just a job. Being a care worker is a very rewarding experience. As a care worker, you have the opportunity to make people’s lives better. Every kind word and every nice gesture towards someone in care makes a big difference. The satisfaction that you will receive knowing that you helped someone live with dignity is truly unparalleled.

Care worker and a resident

Care work will always be around and is an excellent career choice. Paulina Eagle, home manager at Crouched Friars, said: “The care industry needs compassionate people to make a difference in people’s lives. There are great career development options in care work that you could explore as you progress. If you are passionate about the care industry and are looking to make a difference in someone’s life, you will really love being a care worker. I urge you to take the step forward and start your career in care in 2023.”

If you are looking to start your journey as a care worker, give us a call today on 01206 572647, or email We would love to hear from you!

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