Seasonal Cheer at Crouched Friars

Crouched Friars has had a busy few months of activities, events and visits from VIPs.  Halloween, Bonfire Night and a Macmillan coffee morning are just some of the things that the staff and residents at Crouched Friars Residential home in Colchester have been getting involved with. This season’s activities have provided cheer and entertainment to everyone involved!  

Having things to do, think about and talk about are all vital for great dementia care, which is why at Crouched Friars we work hard to ensure that there is rarely a dull moment. We want our residents to get the most out of every day, and have brilliant things to look forward to.  There are lots of advantages to keeping busy – both physically and mentally – for older people. This could be reminiscing, and talking about years gone by, social interactions from  games and events that help to keep the conversation flowing or simply, focusing on the good stuff for a positive mood and outlook.  

This autumn, lots has been going on Crouched Friars to ensure that residents feel productive, bright and stimulated. Here’s what’s been going on over the last few months!

Let’s Get Physical! 

At the start of the season the residents were paid a visit by the lovely Chloe from GFitness.  She hosted a trial fitness session for any residents who wished to participate, mainly working on seated exercises with the hands and arms, with some music to encourage the residents to get stuck in.  

At Crouched Friars we promote a healthy lifestyle across every element of someone’s life and exercise plays a crucial role in this. We also know that exercise is a great mood booster, releases endorphins and can be extremely beneficial for someone who has dementia.  

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, ‘recent studies have shown that exercise may improve memory and slow down mental decline’ but it is also advantageous to someone’s physical health, improving fitness, heart and blood health and it can also reduce the risk of  developing cancer or having a stroke.  

The residents hope to enjoy some more sessions with Chloe in the future to keep them on  the move!

Macmillan Coffee Morning 

Everyone got involved to help raise funds for Macmillan at Crouched Friars’ coffee morning.  There was a fantastic selection of cakes and coffees, and the home was decorated with Macmillan’s bunting, table cloths and collection pots which gave a real sense of occasion to  the coffee morning.  

The staff and residents feel very strongly about supporting Macmillan, and so the morning  was a great success! The staff at Crouched Friars said that the residents ‘had a brilliant time’ and really enjoyed taking part in something for such a great cause all whilst eating lots of  cake.

The Mayor Came To Say Hello!

The residents at Crouched Friars were treated to a visit from Colchester’s Mayor, Councillor  Robert Davidson. Councillor Davidson came for the afternoon to have afternoon tea with the  residents, and have a good chat with them about life at Crouched Friars. 

The Mayor spent the afternoon chatting with each resident individually, and really getting to know them which the residents thoroughly enjoyed. He even wore his chain of office, and let some of the more curious residents hold them and test the weight. Care Home Manager  Paulina said that ‘it was a real joy’ to host The Mayor, and both she and the residents would welcome Councillor Davidson back any time.  

It was a real pleasure to have the mayor attend for an afternoon of tea and chatting, and really lifted spirits at Crouched Friars. Social interaction, especially with someone new, is great for a morale boost, something to look forward to and encourages everyone to have a really good chat. 

A Very Happy Birthday To Eva!

As we continue through the autumn the cause for fun and celebration doesn’t slow down. At the start of November one of our lovely residents Eva celebrated her 90th birthday! Eva celebrated with huge balloons in the number 90, birthday banners and a lovely day with everyone at Crouched Friars residential home. Happy 90th birthday, Eva!

The staff and residents at Crouched Friars, near Colchester, have had a wonderful few months of celebrations and events as we have transitioned into the cooler months. Keeping busy and enjoying life is a big part of every day at the dementia nursing home. Keeping the residents busy, entertained and stimulated has fantastic benefits for their mental and physical health.  

There is always something going on at Crouched Friars, so to keep up to date with everything you can like our Facebook page @CrouchedFriars, or for more information or to have a chat about the residential services provided at Crouched Friars please don’t hesitate to call our helpful team on 01206 572 647. 

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